Great Summer's End 

Wow, what a month since we last caught up! It's been a great run of shows and we are enjoying a little time off this week. Thanks to all our new friends we made and double thanks to the old friends who came to visit. Y'all are so great to us.

Anyways, hope you've gotten to check out on new EP, details on a full length are in the works.

Keeping it short and sweet today.

All the best,

-An EP is here! Check it out 

Hey Goat Heads - We've been working hard on these tracks for months now, and the first EP comprised of the latest and greatest Les Gruff tunes is available for download! Check out "An EP" - this is just a teaser for things to come. Oh yeah, while you're at it, check out the live in studio of "Another Man" off the release:

Dog Days of Summer 

It's August and it's hot here at home, but that don't stop the world from going on. Ten days, count 'em, and we will be back on the stage and outside. Hopefully it is hot and sunny (as long as we're facing away from the sun).
Anyways, check out our calendar for more show(s) information.
We've got an EP in the works to come out in the near future and it's gonna be a fun one. When we recorded our album to come out later this year we recorded so many songs we decided to make some of the tracks their own EP-- to give y'all a little something to chew on while the album gets ready. Oh, and there is a video too. Yay!
Keep cool out there, friends.

All the best,

Summer Vaca..... 

Taking most of the summer off has been nice, yet it causes one to become restless. Have no worry though we will be back in action come August.
Illinois, we're coming your way August 20th in Mt. Olive at Tilley's, can't wait to be back there and on the stage.
Then we're off the Kansas City the next weekend on the 26th. This will be our first time at Westport Saloon and we're looking forward to it-- I have an undefined love for KC. Hoping to make a lot of new friends this night.
And finally we have 13 new tracks we recorded back in February and what ever will be do with these? Be sure to follow us on Facebook, sign up for our email list and check back here to find out.
Until next time, friends, we wish you all the best.


April Fools & Mayflowers 

Hey Goat Heads -
We're excited to be announcing our Spring and Summer schedule, head on over to the Calendar page to check out when we'll be around. There are more dates in the works around the Midwest and we'll be posting them as they are confirmed. First up is next Tuesday at San Loo with Palomino Shakedown from Austin, TX.

We've been hard at work putting together our new album that will be released later this year, we'll keep you all up to date as that develops.

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